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Ki McGraw

Hatha Yoga Center
Seattle, WA
Ki’s diligence, research and dedication to the physical, mental and spiritual well being of humankind has evolved over 30 years of professional service. Ki’s many diplomas and certificates have been earned and awarded by various leading universities, institutions and alternative programs in health-related fields. These include: psychology, mental health, yoga, social work, dance, Hakomi, personal training, massage, Reiki, rebirthing, nutrition, spirituality and natural healing. During the past 25 years of her professional life Ki has focused a lot of her attention to teaching Yoga in the Pacific. She taught Yoga on the island of Kauai for over three years, then on the island of Guam for three years and for the past 19 years has taught in Seattle, as well as other U.S. cities, Canada, Mexico, Guam, Kauai, Peru, and Bali.

Ki is a strong, charismatic teacher who is well-grounded in the ancient tradition of Yoga and models the poses to exquisite perfection. Her supportive way of instructing helps students to feel good about their practice. Between her strong teaching voice, her poetic self and her charismatic personality you can well imagine that she leaves a profoundly positive impression on those around her. Ki is in great demand as a teacher and as a friend.

My Speakers Sessions

Friday, January 24

1:00pm PST